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M&M Metals International

Executive Office:
840 Dellway Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: (513) 221-4411
Fax: (513) 221-2034

Website: www.mm-metals.com

ACC Representatives:
Jerry Mellman, Vice President
Adam Futcher, V.P. Business Development
Email: adamf@mm-metals.com
Cell: 513-295-0297

Products: Brass and copper skimmings, brass
and copper shot.

Industry Category: Scrap Processor

Makhteshim Agan Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Executive Office:
Insurgentes Sur 800, 19th floor
Col. Del Valle
México, D.F. 03100
Phone: +52-55-5524-8369

Website: www.bravoag.com.mx

ACC Representative:
Alberto Bravo Troncoso, CEO
Email: albertobt@bravoag.com.mx
Elisa Padilla, Export Manager

Industry Category: Copper salts, Agriculture Products



Manitoba Corp.

Executive Office:
122-130 Central Avenue
P.O. Box 385
Lancaster, NY 14086-0385
Phone: (716) 685-7000
Fax: (716) 685-7008

Website: www.manitobacorp.com

Richard W. Shine, Chief Executive Officer
Brian K. Shine, President
Adam E. Shine, Vice President
Russell D. Burr, Controller

ACC Representative:
Richard W. Shine
Email: rshine@manitobacorp.com

Products: Primary and secondary metals; nonferrous
recycling. Processing ammo shells. Shearing copper
and nickel cathodes. Packaging services.

Industry Category: Scrap Processor, Metals Broker

Marjan, Inc.

P. O. Box 2420
Waterbury, CT 06722-2420
Phone: (203) 573-1742

Website: www.marjaninc.com

George J. Strobel, Sr., President
Richard Strobel, Marketing Director
William Strobel, Vice President
George Strobel, Jr., Treasurer

ACC Representative:
George Strobel, Sr.
Email: marjaninc@hotmail.com

Products: Hot dip tin, tin-lead solder and tin-silver
coating of coiled metal strip.

Industry Category: Strip Mill

Mark P. Askew & Associates

Executive Offices:
2201 St. Clair Ave.
Windsor, Ontario, N9B3W4, Canada

ACC Representative:
Mark P. Askew
Email: askewm@hotmail.com

Industry: Consulting - Natural Resources

The Marmon Group LLC

181 West Madison Street, 26th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312) 845-5397
Fax: (312) 372-4104

Website: www.marmon.com

Henry J. West, Executive Vice President, The Marmon Group LLC
Woody Petchel, Executive Vice President, The Marmon Group LLC
Rick McDonald, Sector President, Marmon Electrical and Plumbing Products
Dennis Chalk, Sector President, Engineered Wire and Cable

ACC Representative:
Michael Slade, Cerro Flow Products
Email: mslade@cerroflow.com

Products: Engineered wire and cable and building wire and cable.

Industry Category: Wire & Cable Mill

Metal Exchange Corp.

St. Louis Office:
111 West Port Plaza, #700
St. Louis, MO 63146
Phone: (314) 434-3500
Fax: (314) 991-4175

Omaha Office:
17011 Cedar Plaza, #7C
Omaha, NE 68130
P hone: (402) 614-6612
Fax: (402) 614-6628

ACC Representatives:
Michael Casey
Email: mikecasey@metalexchangecorp.com
Marvin Polikov (Omaha)
Email: mpolikov@metalexchangecorp.com

Products: International metal merchant trading in primary and secondary nonferrous metals with special emphasis on copper and copper alloys. Processor of insulated copper wire and alum/copper radiators.

Industry Category: Merchant

Metal Processors Inc.

Executive Office:
P.O. Box 23309
Jackson, MS  39225-3309
Phone: (601 760-6030

Jerry Everitt, President
Bob Hinton, Purchasing Manager

ACC Representative:
Jerry Everitt
Email: weverittjr@aol.com  

Insulated copper wire processing; aluminum ACSR processing; and #1 copper choppings. #2 copper choppings and EC choppings.

Industry Category: Scrap Metal Recycler

Metal Registration Limited

Executive Office:
180 Piccadilly
London, W1J 9HF  England
Phone: (44) 207-917-2740
Fax: (44) 207-917-1740
Website: www.metalreg.com 

ACC Representative:
Melanie Ruth Wells, Director
Email: melaniewells@metalreg.com

Metal Registration Ltd. is an independent consultancy service that helps producers to register their metal brands on multiple exchanges/markets.

Industry Category: Consultant

Metallic Recovery Group, Inc.

Executive Office:
300 West Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Phone: (215) 324-2310
Fax: (215) 324-2313

Website: www.mrgcopper.com

Michael Saltzburg, President
Daniel Schwab, Vice President
Bruce Farnese, Controller

ACC Representative:
Daniel Schwab
Email: copperdan1@aol.com

Products: Buyer and processor of refinery
brass, copper bearings, skimmings, residues,
slags, fines and copper-bearing related

Industry Category: Scrap Processor

Metallurgical Products Company

Executive Office:
810 Lincoln Avenue
P.O. Box 598
West Chester, PA 19381-0598

Phone: (610) 696-6770
Toll-Free: (800) 659-4672
Fax: (610) 430-8431

Website: www.metallurgicalproducts.com

Michael H. Goodman, President
Email: mgoodman@metprodco.com

Jerome B. Kotzen, C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer
Email: jkotzen@metprodco.com

Lorraine Hoffman, Purchasing Manager
Email: lhoffman@metprodco.com

Karen Clary, Sales Representative
Email: kclary@metprodco.com

ACC Representative:
Michael H. Goodman

Phosphor copper shot and waffle, copper base master alloys and specialty alloys.

Industry Category: Manufacturer


Metalsco, Inc.

Executive Office:
1828 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63146
Phone: (314) 997-5200
Fax: (314) 997-5921

Website: www.metalsco.com

Sheldon F. Tauben, President
Bret C. Tauben, Vice President
Scott L. Tauben, Vice President
Linda Howard, CFO
Mark Pagano, Trader
Ben Reichert, Trader

ACC Representatives:
Sheldon F. Tauben

Scott Tauben
Email: scott@metalsco.com

Products: One of the active merchant firms in the U.S.
specializing in copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum
scrap. Also trades in primary shapes. All mills and refineries
serviced in significant volume. Prompt and forward sales are
also made to many converters and mills using COMEX
hedging programs. Exporter of copper, brass, stainless and
aluminum scrap. Maintains exclusive sales agencies in the
Far East for nonferrous scrap.

Industry Category: Merchant


MetalX LLC

Executive Office:
295 S Commerce Drive
Waterloo, IN 46793


Danny Rifkin, President

ACC Representative:
Cindy Brooks, Non-Ferrous Commodity Manager

Products and Services:
MetalX is a privately held, independent scrap metals company that deals in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. We buy scrap from industrial generators, wholesale suppliers, and the general public. MetalX is a full-service facility, capable of receiving, processing and handling high volumes of scrap metal in the most efficient manner.

Metro International Trade Services

Executive Office:
500 Louisiana Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 897-1874

ACC Representative:
Michael Whelan, Vice President
Email: mwhelan@metroftz.com

Industry Category: LME Warehouse

The Miller Company

Executive Office:
275 Pratt Street
Meriden, CT 06450
Phone: (203) 639-5207
Fax: (203) 639-5205

Website: www.themillerco.com

ACC Representative:
Marcel Couture, Director of Procurement
Email: marcelc@themillerco.com

Products: Specialty copper-based strip alloys

Industry Category: Brass Mill


Milward Alloys, Inc.

Executive Office:
500 Mill Street
Lockport, NY 14094-1712
Phone: (716) 434-5536
Fax: (716) 434-3257

Website: www.milward.com

Gerald A. Schultz, Chief Executive Officer
Arnold A. Andrusz, Sales Manager
Walter J. Lukasik, Purchasing Manager
Timothy J. Kosto, Technical Manager

ACC Representative:
Gerald A. Schultz
Email: gschultz@milward.com

Arnold A. Andrusz
Email: aandrusz@milward.com

Johanna Van De Mark
Email: jvandemark@milward.com

Products: Milward Alloys, Inc., founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of hardeners, grain refiners, modifiers and deoxidants for the aluminum and copper melting industries. Milward's master alloys are precisely combined, melted and packaged additives, made of primary metals and chemicals, designed to satisfy their customers' needs.

Milward also produces custom and non-standard alloys to meet special applications for the metallurgical industry. Milward Alloys is committed to integrating quality, innovation and excellence into its relationship with customers, vendors and the community.

Industry Category: Manufacturer of Master Alloys

Mitsui Bussan Commodities (USA) Inc.

Executive Office:
200 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10166
Phone: (212) 878-4192
Fax: (212) 878-4250

Dr. Mo Ahmadzadeh, President
Steve Kanner, Vice President

ACC Representatives:
Steve Kanner
Email: steve.kanner@mbcny.com

Products: Full-service futures broker and risk management consultant.

Industry Category: Broker

MKM North America Corp.

Executive Offices:
1291 Herrington Rd.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630.208.6851

Website: www.mkm-hett.de/en

Roland Harings, Managing Director
Helge Trautmann, President, North America
Uwe Vogler, Director, Finance

ACC Representative:
Kerry Swedun, Executive Vice President
Email: kerry.swedun@mkm.eu

Services: Copper and copper alloy strip, sheet, bar, rod, plate, tube, pipe, wire and cast rod

Mueller Industries

Executive Office:
3285 Tournament Drive, Suite 150
Memphis, TN 38125
Phone: (901) 753-3256
Fax: (901) 753-3354

Port Huron Office:
2199 Lapeer Avenue
Port Huron, MI 48061
Phone: (810) 987-7770
Fax: (810) 987-9108

Greg Christopher, C.E.O.
Mike Meador, Director of Metal Purchasing

ACC Representative:
Mike Meador
Email: mmeador@muellerindustries.com

Products: Fabricator and distributor of copper tube and fittings,
brass rod and forgings, valves, and plastic fittings.

Industry Category: Tube & Rod Mill

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